Removing Borders to 

Mental Health Access

The next generation of mental health and wellness care delivery.

Everyone deserves personalized, culturally aligned mental health and wellness care, no matter where they are in the world. To achieve this, we are pioneering a new way for providers, organizations, and countries to build and scale virtual and in-person mental health and wellness care that is globally accessible and culturally relevant.

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Trova for Providers & Practices

Comprehensive Tools on a Unified Platform for Mental Health and Wellness Providers to Deliver Exceptional Care, Globally

Providers around the world are using expensive, non-compliant and unconnected software platforms to deliver care to their in-person and virtual clients. Trova empowers your practice with the first-ever, easy to use platform designed to save time, increase revenue and make your clients happy.

Trova for Companies & Organizations

Everything Companies Need to Redefine Mental Health and Wellness Care Delivery, Globally

A unified platform
on demand

Compliance, currency
and language

Personalized Brand
White-labeled and

Customizable to meet
regional specifications

Start to finish support
to deployment

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If you're a mental health or wellness provider looking to join the next generation of global mental healthcare, contact Trova today. Our all-in-one practice management tools can help you streamline your practice, increase revenue, and provide better care for your clients. Join the Trova community and be part of the future of mental health and wellness care.

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