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As an Expat, have you ever...

Struggled to fit into a new culture with no one to talk to?
Battled anxiety, stress, or depression far away from your support system?
Tried to talk to a health professional who just didn't get it?

Trova Health is the solution you've been searching for

87.5 Million
Expats are living in countries around the world with different cultures and languages. i
Average financial cost to organisations to replace one international senior employee. ii
$6 Trillion
Loss to global productivity due to mental health issues. iii
6% Growth
Annual growth rate of expats living globally. iv
Unique Opportunities and Unique Challenges Require Unique Solutions
Expat friends exploting the city
Expat husband and wife strolling along the seaside
Expat family enjoying lunch
Expat businessman working with a local man
At Trova Health we believe that every expat deserves to have access to health and wellness services and professionals who understand their unique needs and circumstances. 

We will provide a virtual care network of experts who know the challenges of global living and are dedicated to helping you thrive in your part of the world, in your language, and in your time zone. 
Trova Health is virtual care network of experts

Who we are

A digital health and wellness company created specifically for expats, providing mental health and remote care services worldwide.

Who we Serve

Expats worldwide on an individual customer basis, and companies who hire internationally.

Why We're Different

Our platform is designed and executed with the expat in mind, tackling specific and unique issues that affect expats around the world every day.

How Can Trova Health Serve You?

Trova means "find" and the heart of our mission is to help you find the help you need to thrive in your overseas life. We understand the challenges you face because our founders and partners are all expats who have faced them ourselves.

Whether you are on a short term assignment or have lived overseas for years, if you are single, married, or have a burgeoning family Trova Health is here to provide:

  • Access to remote care services from providers who understand the challenges of global living.
  • A community of like-minded expats and global citizens around the world.
  • Programs, classes, and support designed to meet your unique needs.
  • and so much more.
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What Our Community is Saying

  • Eric

    After we moved to our new posting we found that our 14-year-old son was becoming increasingly quiet and withdrawn, spending countless hours alone in his room, and not making any effort to make friends or get to know our new town. We tried to find help locally, but the resources available were limited, and we knew our son wouldn’t open up to just anyone if he didn’t feel comfortable. Now that we have discovered Trova Health, we’ve learned that they will have group sessions for teens who are also living outside their birth countries, from Experts in their own language. We are so relieved to know that our son will get the help he needs.
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  • Lauren

    I had always dreamed of living in a different country with my husband and 3 children, but six months into our first expat assignment overseas, I was miserable.  I felt disconnected from myself from throwing my time and energy into ensuring that my husband and kids were settled and happy in their new home, and completely forgetting to make time for my own needs. I resisted finding help locally because I didn’t know where to begin. Thankfully, I discovered the Trova Health community and will register for a Mindfulness Program. Because of this I’m feeling so much happier knowing that I can now take care of my own needs too!
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  • Michael 

    When I was offered a promotion as the new Country Manager of our office in Togo, I was thrilled at the opportunity and didn’t hesitate to move my family with me. Little did I know how difficult the move would be, especially for my wife. She tried her best to adapt, make some friends, and learn some of the local language, but because I was so busy at my new job, I didn’t fully understand how much she was struggling. One day when I arrived home, I found her crying. I knew she needed help but I couldn’t find a mental health professional who spoke English, so when I heard Trova Health would provide services specifically for expats, in multiple languages, I was relieved! Along with my wife, we have joined the Trova Health community as a family and look forward to many brighter days ahead!
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  • Lucinda

    One of my biggest struggles when I moved overseas was my weight and self-image. At home I had a great gym and lots of variety for healthy eating habits.  After I moved, I struggled with the stress of moving, with trying to find a gym in a country where I didn’t speak the language, and the food choices were completely unfamiliar. I was thrilled when a new expat friend recommended Trova Health’s online community. Now I know that I’m not alone in my struggles and I can connect with other expat women who are dealing with similar issues. Thank you Trova Health! 
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  • Gabriella

    I am a Senior Program Manager overseeing the development of a new program in Kenya.  Having done this same job successfully in several other markets I was surprised when I got here and felt like I couldn’t quite find my feet.  I had gone through a cross-cultural training program before I left my previous posting and knew what to expect when it came to culture shock, but knowing and experiencing are two different things. My trainer had mentioned Trova Health as a growing resource of mental health experts who uniquely understand the challenges I am facing.
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