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Using Trova gift cards, you can now provide someone you love who is living abroad with the greatest of all gifts, improved well-being and access to convenient mental and physical health services. For someone living abroad, isolation, heightened anxiety, strain on relationships, purposelessness and depression are common. And these challenges are especially acute in kids. Recipients of this gift is a game-changer because they will be able to use it to find the most qualified, global providers who speak their language, intimately know what it is like living abroad and can help during maternity, cultural transition, child and family therapy, self-identity discovery for personal and business life...and so much more. Recipients can search for a provider that meets their or their family's needs, book an appointment and feel more heard and seen immediately. For a teen changing to another international school, for a loved one coping with addiction, for a new mother grappling with postpartum depression and worry her child isn't developing properly, a Trova Health card can bridge the critical gap between despair and necessary care.

Why We Love This Gift: We love this gift because it's such a gentle way to say that there's always someone available to listen. Therapy and wellness is so vital to so many in trying times. And yet, for many it is so difficult to afford. This is one way to anticipate and quietly cover the needs of a loved one.
What To Express in Your Card: I love you.

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