Remi Busch

Cross-Culture Compassion Coach & Education Consultant

Areas of Expertise

Adolescent Counseling • Mindfulness • Child Development • Transition Coaching • Emotional Health • Mental Health • Meditation • Overwhelm • Anxiety Management • Depression

About Me

I believe in a holistic approach to empowering individuals to become the best version of themselves.
My work focuses on emotional intelligence and the intersections of culture in order to impact a community that is more aware and compassionate.
From working with young children through to adults, my methods center around Solution Focused Coaching and Compassionate Training to empower the individual through emotional and cognitive growth.

Sessions starting at USD 125

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Lives in: Tanzania
Nationality: German/Tanzania
Countries/Regions of Expertise: Africa, Asia, Europe, USA
Languages Spoken: English, German, Swahili
Remi Busch

Service Offerings

As an Education Specialist Youth & Child Counselor and Compassionate Coach I am honored to offer a wide range of my expertise to you.

My main services are
  • Cross-Culture & Compassion Coaching
  • Child and Youth Empowerment Coaching /Program
  • Parenting and Family Coaching
For children and youth in need of support in life skills, learning and motivation. The Social& Emotional Learning (SEL) Program is designed to empower the individual to do things differently, develop new skills and discover a stronger version of themselves.

Parenting Coaching encourages and guides both Children and Parents to build solutions despite difficult circumstances.

The Sessions are based on Solution Focused (SF) tools which empower all parties to cultivate and practice positivity and good communication skills.

Cross-Culture Compassion Training is based on Awareness, Compassion and Engagement Practices. These sessions allow individuals to gain greater first-person attentiveness and awareness of their own thought and feelings, greater awareness of others and their life; greater awareness of interdependence as it relates to our own life and to broader systems within which we live.


All the offerings cultivate skills of emotional understanding and self-care, empathy and courageous compassion for others, and an abiding recognition of common humanity that values all people everywhere.

All clients will develop increasingly sophisticated self-regulation skills discerning behavior that is beneficial to self and others from that which is not. And the ability to engage effectively and confidently on a larger community and global level for broad social and personal benefit.

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1-on-1 Session

In these sessions I will help you to develop a range of skills from mindful dialogues, self-regulation meditative and contemplative practices, self-compassion to compassion for others, and engagement with complex systems. These 1:1 sessions focus on working towards greater well being for one-self and for the global community.

USD 125/session

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What Other Clients Are Saying

Remi helped me overcome some negative feelings which I was having about my business and how I thought about myself. Her positivity and empathy about what I was going through were clear. Her compassionate coaching tools were brilliant! I am now a totally different person. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Arlene - Berlin, Germany - Gallerist /Creative Art Director
I was at crossroads and didn’t know what steps to take regarding my Kids and their upbringing. I found Compassion Coaching with Remi an eye-opening experience. And signed up my Kids straight after that for the SEE-Learning Program. Working with Remi was amazing for our whole family, gaining so much clarity and peace which was quite powerful.
Bahati Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Medical Doctore for Doctors without Boarders
I attended two of Remi's Workshops sessions recently. I found the learning provided met my needs and was a pleasure to undertake. I am looking out for other sessions by Remi that meet my particular interests in boosting my self-compassion and compassion for others in this multicultural world. I would highly recommend her services and workshops.
George Teacher, Education Consultant Washington D.C / Dar-es Salam

Meet the Expert

A Cultural Curator, Compassionate Coach & Curious about all forms of Healing.

Born in Tanzania, raised in Germany and feeling 'at home' in the world, Remi has dedicated her work and activism to empowering and raising awareness for a balanced and compassionate life through different coaching practices.

After graduating from the Goethe University; Frankfurt, Germany in Education Science and Comparative Religion Studies MA, Remi explored the world and fell in love with every country she visited.

Remi’s work revolves lovingly around creating safer spaces for ourselves, learning to be curious about where we come from, who we are, who we can be, and the many more identities we have.

Remi invites us to join the journey back to self and practice creating a healthy home within ourselves.

Through "Awareness, Compassion & Engagement" (ACE), Remi helps to facilitate personal, professional or organizational learning and positive change to collectively create the culture we desire.

This is an opportunity to be part of a global community of healthy individuals who want to learn more about self-cultivation, relating to others, and engaging in systems.
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