Megan Norton, MA MA

Global Child & Teen Specialist

Areas of Expertise

Adolescent Counseling • Mindfulness • Transition Coaching • Career Development • Emotional Health • Mental Health • Grief • Third Culture Kids

About Me

I am an Adult Third Culture Kid (who calls 10 countries and 5 U.S. states “home”). I fully understand the challenges that come with moving globally as a child.

My sessions specialize in supporting families in global transition and helping children and teens find solutions and make important changes that support their global transitions.

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Sessions starting at USD 100

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Lives in: USA
Nationality: U.S. American
Countries/Regions of Expertise: Europe, Asia, Africa
Languages Spoken: English
Megan Norton

Service Offerings

1:1 Coaching For Children and Teens of Expats

In my coaching sessions I work with your child or teen in activities designed to help with identity development. I teach strategies that maximize their ability to succeed in transitions by considering the intercultural context, focusing on identity “anchors”, and building community.

My clients become interculturally aware by learning how their TCK upbringing influences their thinking, communication styles, resiliency, and core values.

In our time together, I'll help your children learn to build relationships with a variety of people and understand the importance of personal leadership and leveraging intercultural competencies.

If you are parent, guardian, or caregiver of one struggling with the challenges of moving from place to place book a session with me today and let's work together to create a successful and fulfilling global experience for your child or teen.

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1-on-1 Session

1:1 Coaching session for Expat Children and Teens
These 1 hour sessions will help individuals to understand the unique challenges of being a child living globally, navigate change management, and experiment with new approaches that impact their mindset, attitude, and behaviors.

USD 100/session

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1-on-1 Coaching

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What Other Clients Are Saying

Megan Norton is a genius with kids living globally (aka Third Culture Kids). She has done the Foreign Service Youth returning to the US Seminar for the children of US diplomats for the last few years. She has done an amazing job and won praise from the kids as well as parents! She is well versed in Third Culture Kids issues and knows how to effectively reach kids and help them process their experiences.
Jonette Cahoon Vaughan - Executive Director, Foreign Service Youth Foundation
Megan is delightful, wise and insightful. Her expertise on the topic of Third Culture Kids can be seen through her years of collaboration with multiple TCK organizations and in the intentional experience she brings to each conversation. She offers perceptive encouragement for young Third Culture Kids struggling to understand their belonging within the communities they live in. I can’t recommend her or her work highly enough.
Breanne Eckman - Founder, TRUTH4TCKs
With the rising importance of mental health for Third Culture Kids, Megan utilizes her own upbringing growing up and living in 10 countries combined with her expertise as an intercultural trainer, experience with international education and passion in hearing the story of global citizens to put herself in other's shoes, which makes her the perfect empathetic listening ear and consultant to those going through the mental struggle of this complex life and community.
Calvin Karuniawan Widjaja - TCK advocate, producer and host of Global CKtizens

Meet the Expert

Megan Norton is a TCK consultant, intercultural trainer, podcast host of A Culture Story, co-founder of a non-profit for diplomat TCKs, and writer at As the daughter of a former U.S. diplomat, Megan identifies as an Adult Third Culture Kid, and with her extensive international experience, she has a global perspective and demonstrates cross-cultural sensitivity. She has lived in ten countries (South Africa, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Germany, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Poland, USA), 5 U.S. states (Virginia, Florida, South Carolina, Michigan, Washington D.C.), and has visited over 30 countries. Over the past ten years, Megan has researched and developed programs to facilitate smooth transitions for globally mobile families and their dependents. She frequently leads both in person and virtual TCK Transitions Seminars, university retreats and Intercultural Dialogue groups for a variety of international entities. Megan is an active member of Families in Global Transition and served on the Board of Directors from 2018 - 2021. For the past five years, Megan has been the co-chair of the NAFSA Global Nomad/TCK Member Interest Group. Megan holds two Master degrees: one in Intercultural Communication and one in Strategic Communication. She has presented her research at global conferences including FIGT, SIETAR-USA, NAFSA, IMI, and CIES. Megan is a published writer in several magazines and online forums and her podcast is listened to in over 40 countries worldwide. Her forthcoming book - “Belonging Beyond Borders'' - focuses on the TCK profile and how this upbringing shapes personal identity.
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