Mareike Lott

Career & Transformative Coach

Areas of Expertise

Transformative Coaching • Performance Pressure • Cultural Adaptation

About Me

Hey you,
I am Mareike. With more than 10 years international working experience, I am now a passionate expat coach ready to support you in mastering your assignment and build a successful career and life abroad.

I believe that:
  • Expatriation doesn’t have to be overwhelming and exhausting
  • No expat should lack the necessary support to master their assignment
  • You don’t need to cope with everything alone and at the same time
My coaching services provide a mix of exclusive 1-on-1 sessions and access to powerful tools and proven exercises to succeed quickly. After working with me you will feel more confident in your role and have a clear strategy with an actionable game plan to make your assignment a success on a professional and private level.

Sessions starting at USD 158

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Lives in: Netherlands
Nationality: German
Countries/Regions of Expertise: Germany, France, China, Netherlands
Languages Spoken: German and English
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Service Offerings

Let me guess…

You moved abroad, everything felt exciting during the first months while you were busy organizing the basics to set up your new life? But at the same time you work like crazy, you feel pressured in your new job and don’t want to disappoint your boss, who invested so much in bringing you here?

You feel insecure and have self-doubts in your new cultural environment, overwhelmed from so many new things, isolated and lost in a new city without knowing someone and losing a part of your identity in the new language?

Additionally you have a partner or family who needs your support while going through a major transition themselves?

You’re not alone.

Adapting to intercultural challenges and carving out a new career can feel overwhelming.

My coaching services provide a mix of exclusive 1:1 sessions with me and access to powerful tools and proven exercises to succeed quickly.

​Together, we’ll start to take a deep dive into the challenges you’re facing and we will identify the key areas which are holding you back to succeed.

​Here is what you get:
  • Personalized working cultural sheet (Your culture vs. new culture)
  • Tools to optimize job performance
  • Analysis of your professional support system around
  • Exercises to deal with challenges and gain confidence
  • Better Self-awareness
  • Clear understanding of your values, limiting beliefs, strength & weaknesses

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1-on-1 Session

These 1-on-1 sessions are dedicated to your needs. I support you whether you need a cathartic release of your worries or you need concrete tools to conquer challenges in your working or private environment. We will create a personal development plan with concrete next steps for you to take action.

USD 158/session

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What You'll Get

1-on-1 Coaching

Personalized Plan

Advice and strategies

What Other Clients Are Saying

Mareike, you will never know the impact you had on my life in so many ways. We "met" in the midst of a pandemic and you assisted me in both my personal and business life by allowing me a safe and kind space to find out what it was I needed and wanted, and how to achieve it. I have never been a person to set goals for myself, because I never thought I could achieve I have a list as well as a plan to reach them. I can never thank you enough. You are a kind, wonderful person and I am ever so grateful to you for your coaching me.
I would strongly recommend Mareike as a coach due to several reasons. She showed herself as a professional who knows the various coaching tools that will help to resolve your life issues and move forward in the aspects of your life where you could not find a solution yet by yourself. She could create trust over our sessions that helped me to bring topics that I was afraid to share.
Mareike has been an amazing coach from day one. Providing clarity on what to expect and living up to her explanation and my expectations of the sessions each day. I have had the space to explore my own needs and emotions and our sessions has given me a platform to feel listened to and respected, which has helped me to build my own confidence. I am much clearer now about my values and therefore what I want and need for my future. I cannot recommend her enough and I hope we will continue to be in touch in the future.

Meet the Expert

Hey, I am Mareike and cannot wait to meet you!
Originally from Germany I have spent the last few years working for different companies worldwide. From France to China I had to master different cultural transitions and experienced first-hand some of the challenges that expats face on a daily basis.​

What I saw was, that companies often underestimate what expatriation means and which value expats add, thus not every talent is getting the necessary support to succeed in their assignment. With this in mind and after overcoming the obstacles of performing and living abroad, I was determined to help those in a similar position. I decided to start training as a life and career coach with Animas Centre of Coaching in London and Berlin and launched Sea Salt Coaching.

Today I support expats in mastering their assignment to build a successful career and life abroad!
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