Gabriela Sirbu

Gestalt Therapist

Areas of Expertise

Anxiety Management • Trauma Counseling • Depression • Isolation • Emotional Health • Mental Health • Mediation • Grief • Overwhelm • Multicultural Communication • Self-Esteem • Eating Disorders • Burn Out • Lack of Motivation • Reverse Culture Clash

About Me

I provide coaching and therapy to individuals who struggle with adjusting to a new country of residence. Moving countries means leaving your roots behind, "floating" for a while, until you manage to settle and grow roots in a new soil and culture. It is a complex process expats are going trough, and I am assisting using Gestalt method.
Gestalt therapy is based on the idea that it is best to experience what we feel "here and now" and not keep thinking about the past or worry about the future. The goal is to help clients become aware of his or her thoughts, behaviors, experiences, and feelings in the present moment, and help them to "own" or take responsibility for them.
My approach is also rootet on my own experience of living in another country than my own for nearly 20 years. Therefore I will meet you knowing how it feels to be a foreigner in a foreign land.

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Lives in: Norway
Nationality: Romania / Norway
Countries/Regions of Expertise: Scandinavia and South East Europe
Languages Spoken: Norwegian. English, Romanian
Gabriela Sirbu

Service Offerings

Multicultural communication, self-esteem, burn out, lack of motivation, reverse culture clash, eating disorders, identifying behavior patterns which are no longer needed as an adult and an expat, limiting beliefs, unlearn and relearn habits;

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In my 1:1 sessions you will learn how to look at what you have/don’t have in the present moment and turn the apparent disadvantages into strengths. You will acquire the ability to leverage your patterns of behavior according to your living and working context. That will help you move forward in a pace and rhythm that is suitable to your needs and personality, yet fast and sustainable.

USD 150/session

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What Other Clients Are Saying

"I have been working with Gabriela over video conferencing. Her intuitive sense and deep way of listening has helped me have some breakthroughs and see areas in which I have been emotionally stuck and resistant to healing. She offers tools for me to practice on my own to deepen my own ability to heal. She is kind and compassionate and non-judgemental and really sees the core issue so we can make fast and gentle progress
Dawn Bennett, Owner
Gabriela is a good therapist with thorough understanding of the challenges that migrants face when entering a new culture. Her true empathy and desire to help gave me the comfort to establish a sincere and open communication from the very beginning. Thanks to her unique method, I was able to address specific issues that I have to tackle as a qualified foreigner in the Norwegian society. She made me aware of the importance of cultural keys, practices and language barriers that can become meaningful skills for a better integration and suitable communication in the host society. In addition, she is an excellent trainer and an eloquent speaker which makes her indispensable in any multicultural environment.
Roxana Sarion, expat in Norway
I have been participating in a couple of workshops Gabriela had. She has a unique and simple way of communicating complicated subjects where you can feel that she has been doing a lot of research. What I find valuable is the way she is including everyone in the workshop. Each and every one of us gets the chance to speak and we get more out of the discussions and her presentation. At the same time, Gabriela manages to put new light and new perspectives on old convictions we may have. I experience her directly uplifting, humble and loving.
Ingeborg Blomli, Norway

Meet the Expert

Hi! I am Gabriela and I am a therapist, coach, speaker, and writer at I hold a Master Degree in Peace and Conflict Transformation from UiT The Arctic University of Norway and a six years specialization within practical psychology from the Norwegian Gestalt Institute in Oslo, Norway. I am a Romanian expat studying, living and working in Norway for nearly 20 years, and it was Norwegian culture which inspired me to pursue a specialization in practical psychology. I realized that “war” and “conflicts” are not carried with guns, but with an invisible boomerang of words and feelings. And this boomerang travels with us everywhere we go, no matter how far we travel, or how often, or how much we hope to leave it behind. Now I work as a therapist and coach, using Gestalt method. I also hold seminars and workshops on multicultural communications where the main goal is to help people become aware of how their invisible luggage is influencing their communication patterns, their behavior, and their life, no matter how far they travel.
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