Emmy Petersson

Career and Transition Coach

Areas of Expertise

Transition Coaching • Career Development • Overwhelm • Career Planning • Job Interview Coaching • Personal and Professional Values Unpack

About Me

I am a certified coach who works with individuals in transition between career changes, countries or challenging life situations. I am passionate about helping people just like you truly enjoy and connect with the value they add and unlock what’s next in their career.

If you are feeling stuck or trying to figure out what is next for your career book a FREE consultation with me and let's get you started in the right direction. 

Sessions starting at USD 159

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Lives in: Live in Australia, but also spend time every year in Sweden.
Nationality: Swedish + Australian
Countries/Regions of Expertise: Work with clients globally (main experience from Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.
Languages Spoken: Swedish + English

Service Offerings

Feeling stuck on what’s next?

Changing what we do is often equal parts excitement and fear. It can bring up all sorts of questions around who we are. Because we often identify with what we do, it’s important to know how to navigate this.

Since 2013 my coaching programs and step by step process has helped many people just like you plan out their next career steps. We do this in a way that helps you get to the core of your values and strengths. Most importantly it helps you live a more aligned life.

What’s included?

  • Unpacking your strengths, interests and what you’re naturally good at
  • Deal with key obstacles and fears that have held you back in the past
  • A step by step plan on how to set goals that matter for YOU
  • Regular check in, accountability and adjustment of how you’re tracking

The program is delivered 1 on 1 (just you and your coach) via Zoom video in 60 min sessions. You also get access to a range of tools as well as online access to our support platform for you to get the most out of our time together.

Book a session with me today and let's get you moving forward in your career journey!

Book a Session

1-on-1 Session

Ready to rewrite your career?

I specialize in mid-career coaching to recharge your energy and map out YOUR plan.

If not now, when?

My coaching sessions work as a career compass to give you the clarity and action plan you need.

What you can expect from working with me:

  • Peace of mind that you’re heading in the right direction
  • A way to check all career opportunities against your own personal checklist
  • A great answer when people ask you “what’s next for you?” or “what you do for work?”

60 min
USD 195/session

Value bundle: 3 x 60 minute sessions

Time to change? This 1:1 career coaching is helpful for anyone who is committed to create change in their career and life, but not sure how to do just that or where to start.

Some of the things we can unpack together:

  • Unpacking your strengths, interests and what you’re naturally good at
  • Deal with key obstacles and fears that have held you back in the past
  • Your values and how they can be a powerful tool in any career change
  • Your CV and Linked In profile
  • A step by step plan on how to set goals that matter for YOU
  • Regular check in, accountability and adjustment of how you’re tracking

The program is delivered 1 on 1 (just you and your coach) via Zoom video in 3 x 60 min sessions.

3 x 60 min sessions
USD 499/Package

Job Interview Preparation Bundle

Need to nail that job interview? This powerful coaching bundle helps you prepare for any job interview in less than 2 hours!

60 min
USD 159/session

Trova Recommends

Book an obligation-free consultation with Emmy Petersson to learn more about the session(s) offered, see how you connect, and have your questions answered.

What You'll Get

1-on-1 Coaching

Personalized Plan

Advice and strategies

What Other Clients Are Saying

I feel deeply fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity to go through the transition program with Emmy. The support and dedication she provided me, in and out of our sessions, challenged me to go well beyond what I had expected.

Her program taught me a great deal of important and meaningful insights into my own inner workings and I feel confident that I have the resources and foundations to construct a more fulfilling life; I would not have been able to do it without Emmy’s guidance. I would recommend Emmy to anyone considering any type of personal or professional development, her program is invaluable!

I would highly recommend Emmy if you need clarity on your goals and direction!

The structure of the program is clear and concise. It allowed me to gain an understanding of how and what I am motivated by, and how to tailor this to achieve a different outcome and direction in my career. If you are feeling stuck or little lost, this program is definitely for you!

If you’re looking for a way to work through the questions of a career transition, then I would commend Emmy Petersson for a number of reasons. Her extensive program challenges you over a number of sessions to consider your transition from a number of perspectives and reveals strengths and opportunities you may not have previously considered.

Coupled with her genuine interest in your progress and her unwavering enthusiasm, Emmy is a formidable ally when you take your next steps.


Meet the Expert

I’m a certified coach who has worked with people in transition between career changes, countries or challenging life situations since 2013.

I'm also an expat of many years, and I left my native Sweden at age 19 to live for extended periods of time in the U.S. (San Francisco) and the UK (mainly Manchester) before calling Australia my home base since 2010.

During my career I've held a range of corporate roles across a range of organisations from large multinational companies to not-for-profit organisations and smaller consultancies. This has helped me shape career support and coaching tools that are effective, practical and applicable to a range of countries and professional circumstances.

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