Emily Braucher, MA, MA

Cultural Transition & Mindfulness Coach

Areas of Expertise

Mindfulness • Overwhelm • Isolation • Anxiety Management • Transition Coaching • Physical Health • Stress Management • Cross-Cultural Relationships • Intercultural Communication • Self-Awareness

About Me

Living in an unfamiliar country can flip your world upside down. The loss of a network of friends, new surroundings, unfamiliar systems and more can be utterly exhausting and disorienting. Experiencing this yourself is challenging, but watching your adolescent children work through this is a whole new level of parenting. Our sessions together will help you understand the tricky dynamics at play and identify the small changes that can make a big difference when it comes to adapting to a new life overseas. During our time together, I will teach you tools to support yourself and your family when it comes to stress management, relationship building, self and community care. We will empower you to find agency and grounding in unfamiliar places. Book a FREE consultation with me and let me help you find your clear path forward.

Sessions starting at USD 325

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Lives in: Boulder, CO, USA
Nationality: US American
Countries/Regions of Expertise: India, Republic of Kiribati, Senegal, Colombia
Languages Spoken: English

Service Offerings

Living in an unfamiliar country can flip your world upside down. The loss of a network of friends, new food, and the requirement of new habits to get you through the day can be utterly exhausting and disorienting. For most of us, this can lead to outbursts of anger and yes, rage.

For most of us the challenges of making a new life in unfamiliar spaces can be utterly exhausting and disorienting.  These can lead to expressions of anger, rage, and other emotions that are not our normal. 

Having lived, worked, and volunteered in over 30 countries, I have experienced this first hand.  In both my personal and professional experience I have found that sometimes the smallest shift in perspective can mean the difference between surviving and thriving.

This perspective shift is something we can't leave this up to chance. The cost is too great. That is where I come in. 

In our sessions, we will focus on the specific changes you are wanting to accomplish, explore how to remove actual or perceived barriers, how to see hidden opportunities, and how to listen to emotions as information rather than fact.

I offer insight into the brain science of what happens to us as we attempt to get settled internationally, so I am often great fit for more people who really want to understand what is happening for them in moments of distress and know what to do about it.

If you have been feeling this overwhelm I am describing, let's connect and find your clear path forward to more stability and satisfaction.  Book a session with me now and let's get started!

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1:1 Coaching Session
Global Competencies Inventory and 60-min debrief.  This coaching session is 2-fold. Once booked you'll receive the Global Competencies Inventory assessment to complete in your own time. In our time together we will debrief through this assessment and help you create a plan for moving foward in the areas of challenge or opportunity that you want to work on. 

USD 325/session

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What Other Clients Are Saying

I have to confess that it is only after some of Emily’s sessions that I finally understand what type of person I am. I am lucky enough to have met a person who has helped me never panic when facing issues because I have been taught to know and understand others; but also know myself, my strengths and weaknesses.
Mbouille Dialo (expat working in the US)
I walked away with a wealth of practical information and techniques which have proven very effective in my day-to-day work and experience. Emily helped broaden my awareness about my personal communication preferences and equipped me with concrete tools on how to better relate with others, especially when expressing opposing values or ideas.
Anonymous (expat living in Cambodia)
She had not only brought awareness to the differences in the group, but she also normalized them and made them less personal and more cultural. Truly, this changed not only how I worked with my team, but also how I approached everyone that I met in Rwanda from that day forward. That workshop also changed the perspective of my Rwandan team member, and gave us something to reference when we experienced conflict throughout the course of the our work.
Anonymous (expat working in Rwanda)

Meet the Expert

Emily Braucher is a keynote speaker, trainer and coaching who is singularly focused on helping people create trusting relationships across differences. She does this by teaching clients the tools to overcome the three challenges that inevitably get in the way of trust: ego, culture and power. For the last decade, she has worked with corporate, nonprofit, academic, and government clients on strengthening the inclusive brain, fostering the “trust mindset,” creating psychological safety and practicing stress management techniques, always pointing people towards the best version of themselves. Her keynote talks, trainings and team retreats incorporate cutting edge breakthroughs in neuroscience, two decades of training and consulting experience, two Masters degrees in topics related to culture and communication, and experience living and working in over 30 countries. In addition to running ReFresh Communication, Emily is also co-host of the podcast, Humanize: Stories from the Heart about Social Justice.
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