Cate Brubaker, PhD

Re-Entry and Repatriation Coach

Areas of Expertise

Grief • Overwhelm • Isolation • Career Development • Transition Coaching • Mindfulness • Re-Entry • Repatriation

About Me

I help returnees create a personalized roadmap for a smoother re-entry/repatriation so they can transform the hardest part of the entire living abroad experience - returning "home" - from a time of deep grief, stress, and disconnection into one filled with actionable insight, meaning, and deep connection.
No matter why or how long you were abroad, or how long you’ve been “home”, book a FREE consultation with me and let me help you create a successful Re-entry.

Sessions starting at USD 150

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Lives in: United States
Nationality: US American
Countries/Regions of Expertise: Germany, USA
Languages Spoken: English

Service Offerings

After struggling through my own multiple re-entries on my own, I decided to find a better way for us all. For the past decade, Re-entry Roadmap workbook, programs, and coaching have helped thousands of people navigate re-entry with greater insight, meaning, and ease.

My sessions will help guide you through a Re-entry Roadmap that will help you leverage your global experience and create a meaningful way foward.

Book now to create a future that is even better than your past.

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1-on-1 Session

1:1 Re-entry Coaching

Re-entry is FULL of opportunity...but you have to know where to look! IN my 1:1 coaching sessions you'll discover what you want next in your life and career and learn practical ways to get there.
Book now and let's get you on the Road to Re-entry.

USD 150/session

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Book an obligation-free consultation with Cate Brubaker to learn more about the session(s) offered, see how you connect, and have your questions answered.

What You'll Get

1-on-1 Coaching

Personalized Plan

Advice and strategies

Meet the Expert

Dr. Cate Brubaker is a re-entry/repatriation coach, consultant, and author based in North Carolina, USA.
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