Aylssa Cowell, BA, MEd

Child & Adolescent Counsellor

Areas of Expertise

Adolescent Counseling, Transition Coaching, Career Development, Anxiety Management, Trauma Counseling, Emotional Health, Mental Health, Grief, Overwhelm, Depression

About Me

I provide 1-1 counselling for globally mobile children, adolescents and adults which is strengths based and solution focused. My work is focused on holding space for my clients to express how they are feeling and help them work towards ways to feel better.

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Lives in: Thailand
Nationality: British
Countries/Regions of Expertise: South-East Asia, Marshall Islands, United Kingdom
Languages Spoken: English
Aylssa Cowell

Service Offerings

Expatriation and repatriation can be tough on you and your children. You may be wondering why your usually outgoing child has become quiet and withdrawn, or is acting out. You may wonder why you feel so sad when this was supposed to be an adventure of a lifetime. You and your children may be grieving the identity you left behind and have yet to find your place in your new country.

As a social & emotional counsellor with 10 years international school experience working with 100s of globally mobile children, young people and their families, I am familiar with the challenges you face. Challenges such as:

  • the loss of close support networks such as friends and family
  • adjusting to a new culture & expectations
  • academic disruptions leading to academic anxiety
  • feeling alone, isolated and/or different (will I ever 'fit in' anywhere?)
  • transnational youth and identity (who am I in relation to the world/my family)
  • being exposed to significant trauma/s
  • stress and overwhelm
  • young people acting out and engaging in risky behaviours, or turning inwards to self injury
  • feeling unable to express this to people 'back home' as everyone thinks you are 'living the dream' which can further compound how you feel.

It can be really hard as you want your child to enjoy living in your new country and to experience all it has to offer. But right now it is tough. If you or your children are struggling, please book an initial session with me to see if I am a good fit to help things get better for you.

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Do you feel stuck in a life made of past choices or that you have outgrown the current version of yourself? Rather than focusing on the WHAT and HOW, we focus on WHO you want and need to become to create the life and career you desire.

50 min
USD 140/session

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What Other Clients Are Saying

"Thank you for being such a fun and generous counsellor"
Young person, 18
"Being able to have someone to talk to and feel safe and secure has been a big help - thank you"
Young person, 15
"I no longer felt so overwhelmingly alone"
Young person, 17

Meet the Expert

Aylssa Cowell holds a DipHE in Community & Youth Work from Durham University, UK and a MEd (Guidance & Counselling) from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. She has worked as a School Counsellor at Majuro Cooperative School in the Marshall Islands and at Jerudong International School in Brunei (Borneo). In addition to school counselling, Aylssa has 10 years experience as a specialist youth worker in crisis intervention and harm reduction in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, and worked as a Careers Advisor for the UK National Careers Service for a short time.

In addition to offering counselling services she is a trainer who offers UK accredited First Aid for Mental Health Training, as well as a range of groupwork programs aimed at both young people & their families. She is currently the Coordinator of the South East Asia School Counselling Network & a Clinical Supervisor. She is a member of the Australian Counselling Association.

As well as her professional qualifications, Aylssa also holds a MA in International Politics (Global Justice & Ethics) from Newcastle University, UK.

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