Audrey Zander, ACC, CPCC

FunFillment Coach: Life & Leadership

Areas of Expertise

Next Chapter, Clarity, Speaking Up, Boundaries, Burn-Out, Emotional Health, Overwhelm, Female Empowerment, Internal Dichotomy, Transition

About Me

I support international individuals and leaders to step into their empowered next chapter and versions of themselves with a bespoke coaching and communication approach. My work focuses on finding clarity, creating and maintaining healthy boundaries, reducing burnout and stress, increasing energy, speaking up, clarifying and fulfilling dreams, being excited about everyday life and work, and living and leading intentionally and in power. My clients are often People Pleasers, High Achievers, and Perfectionists.

Sessions starting at USD 150

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Lives in: France
Nationality: French
Countries/Regions of Expertise: France, Germany, USA, UAE, French Polynesia, Australia, UK
Languages Spoken: English, French, German
Audrey Zander

Service Offerings

In our sessions, you will
  • gain clarity on your next chapter and life vision,
  • set priorities and boundaries to stay the course,
  • overcome self-sabotaging and limiting thoughts,
  • learn to communicate effectively and authentically,
  • determine the type of leader you wish to be.
You will become the Head Architect of your life, confidently embrace the role, and be excited for all that's to come.

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1-on-1 Session

Do you feel stuck in a life made of past choices or that you have outgrown the current version of yourself? Rather than focusing on the WHAT and HOW, we focus on WHO you want and need to become to create the life and career you desire.

45 min
USD 150/session

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What You'll Get

1-on-1 Coaching

Personalized Plan

Advice and strategies

What Other Clients Are Saying

"Having approached Audrey to work on something that I've discussed numerous times with friends, family and even using traditional talking therapies, I must admit I wasn't expecting we'd make such progress so rapidly. Audrey quickly got me out of the details and into the vision, opening up a completely different viewpoint and bringing me new insights into my situation."
Kristy, Canadian Expat in England
"I found myself facing a wall 3 months prior to calling on Audrey, without energy and close to burning out. Thanks to the coaching tools offered by Audrey, I have today succeeded in taking MY best decision, negotiating things that I would never have dared to do before, saying no to excellent professional opportunities that more than one would dream of receiving, securing a new position in my current company where I find myself managing an incredible team, AND keeping space and boundaries to live my parallel dream every day."
Camille, French Expat in Germany
"Audrey gave me tools to overcome fear in making life changing decisions that seemed previously unmanageable. She guided me through a process of honesty, authenticity and acceptance which now allows me to make the right choices for me in all aspects of life including personal and career choices."
Lizzy, English Expat in France

Meet the Expert

I was born a dual-national nomad, grew up speaking 3 languages, have been a citizen of 10 countries, and moved over 50 times. Home is everywhere and nowhere. Change is my only constant, and building quick and genuine relationships became my natural go-to early on.

My passion in working with international minds lies within the instant click that happens between expats: an understanding and a connection that is instant, welcoming, and is difficult to describe. It feels like coming home.

Following an international 13-year marketing and communications career in investment banking, luxury hospitality and FMCG, and 2 burnouts within 2 years, I left the corporate world to support others to navigate the challenges of cultivating a healthy work-life balance and find everyday fulfilment.

My approach and methods are informed by the coaching training I received as well as the learnings gained from my international life and career, own experiences and moments of reinvention, my mind-body-soul knowledge from massage and yoga, and intuition.

Throughout my life and career, emotional intelligence and mindful communication were my superpowers, helping me create genuine and positive relationships with C-Suite executives, stakeholders, colleagues, clients and personal connections alike. Soft skills that I am passionate about helping others develop for their personal and professional benefit and well-being.

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