April M. Titera, MA, LAMFT

Relational Coach and Family Therapist

Areas of Expertise

Adolescent Counseling • Mindfulness • Transition Coaching • Anxiety Management • Trauma Counseling • Depression • Isolation • Emotional Health • Mental Health • Grief • Overwhelm • Physical Health

About Me

I provide a hybrid of goal-directed coaching and emotionally-focused therapy to couples, parents of teens and women. Rather than focusing merely on strategies to change behavior, my approach is inner then outer work. The result is not just anxiety reduction, weight-loss, symptom-management or better relationships. It's transformation in ALL areas of your life: physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. We begin with awareness and acceptance of what holds you back (loneliness, resentment, feelings of not belonging): those blocks are not IN the way. They ARE the way.

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Lives in: USA
Nationality: US American
Countries/Regions of Expertise: Taiwan, Philippines
Languages Spoken: English
April Titera

Service Offerings

  • Women's Group focusing on worth, mindset, tension release, self-compassion and connection
  • Breathwork for individuals and groups
  • Parenting from the Inside Out: coaching group for parents to learn about attachment styles, boundaries, empathy, validation and self-care
  • Individual, Adolescent and couples counseling- a transformational process addressing change on 5 levels: Somatic, Emotional, Mental, Behavioral and Unconscious.

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Get clarity on what you ultimately want, what blocks that and what is needed to clear it. Learn and practice emotional mastery and upgrade beliefs to move past survival mode, even in foreign territory.

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What Other Clients Are Saying

Just 8 weeks in April's women's group has been transformational!
Robyn V
I've been to so many therapists and was very discouraged with the process. April is different. I am still seeing the results of my work with her...
It's like the floodgates opened... facing my crap has been both terrifying and liberating. Amazingly, I am learning to hold space for both of these emotions and it's working!
Lisa S

Meet the Expert

I have a deep love of traveling the world, but know how isolating the unfamiliar it can be. This can trigger FEAR or shutdown. I work with a client's nervous system, unconscious programming, attachment needs and belief system to help them emotionally regulate and move beyond coping strategies. My approach as a Therapeutic Relational Coach is direct, empathetic, personable and collaborative. 20 years ago, working with troubled teens in residential homes, correctional facilities and wilderness programs, I fell in love with one simple concept: see people as more than their diagnosis and pain. With my Master's Degree in Couple and Family Therapy, I was ready to change lives! Humility was never my super-power, so discovering that "therapy" or "great efforts" on my part didn't work. My clients worked! I just ignited the fire and offered a compassionate space. Success happens when clients feel safe enough to be challenged and connect deeply, not just to me, but to themselves and their surroundings. Becoming a Mastery Level Coach has taken Emotionally Focused, Narrative, Somatic and Experiential therapies to another level. I'm committed to doing my own work and being a constant learner, passing these healing techniques onto my clients.

Besides trying to save the world, I am raising 4 children (ages 2-13) with my incredible husband, volunteering as an art teach at school, eating chocolate daily, constantly renovating our house and squeezing in time for my deep loves: trail running and dancing in the kitchen.
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