Antimo Cimino, MA

Mindfulness and Wellbeing Coach

Areas of Expertise

Mindfulness • Nutrition • Transition Coaching • Physical Health • Emotional Health • Overwhelm • Mental Health • Anxiety Management • Competing Work/Life Responsibilities • Heavy and Stressful Workloads • Self-esteem • Always on Behaviors • Self-Sabotage • Lack of Motivation • Change Management • Burnout

About Me

I provide personal and professional coaching for global leaders and expats in the area of leadership, mindfulness and sustainable wellbeing.
My work is focused on the importance of managing energy and the cruciality of breath to increase mental clarity, reduce stress, build resilience, and strengthen immune response.
My own experience in these areas allow me to connect & guide in a meaningful way.

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Lives in: USA / ITALY
Nationality: United States
Countries/Regions of Expertise: Italy, USA
Languages Spoken: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English

Service Offerings

Guided Mindful Movement & Breath
Are you feeling burnt out? Lagging in energy? Finding your performance lacking personally or professionally or both? 
This 1 hour session is for you.
A guided mindful movement and breathing session is an effective way to dis-engage from every day stresses,  enhance your meditation practice, and awaken your senses. 

It will allow you to ease your mind, re-establish focus and balance while creating patterns of gentle movement and breath.

No prior skills are required to benefit from this session.

Take a break and activate a parasympathetic response to counteract stressful workloads, moments of low self-esteem and motivation, overwhelming feelings, anxiety and hypervigilance.
Book now and let me help you get back to center. 

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1-on-1 Session

Manage, Renew and Replenish Your Energy through Mindful Breathing

To stay agile during your global life journey you must understand that the energy depleted must be restored. In our time together I will help you  learn practical application and modalities for breathing, movement and mindfulness.

Book a session with me now and let's get you on the path to restoring your energy and create abundance in your professional and personal life. 

USD 120/session

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What You'll Get

1-on-1 Coaching

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Advice and strategies

What Other Clients Are Saying

Through Antimo's coaching, I have found joy and balance, learned how to breathe fully and how to connect with the child spirit within.
Melodie EM C.
Antimo approaches wellness with a purity born from a deep belief in the methods and techniques he shares. He has the gift of resonating with those he works with to understand the barriers that hold us back, and gently assist us through those obstacles.
John Uncage
Antimo's coaching gave me an opportunity to experience effective new tools and kick aside some old beliefs, it was intelligent and brilliant.
Audrey Clark

Meet the Expert

Antimo Cimino holds a Master of Arts in Intercultural Relations from the University of the Pacific. He was born and raised in Southern Italy (Puglia) but lives in Portland OR, USA. Antimo has also lived in France, UK, and Brazil and speaks six languages fluently. His career started in the hospitality industry but soon after arriving in the USA in 1996 his focus become Global living, Leadership and Wellbeing. With more than eighteen years of experience in the space of Leadership Development and his passions for holistic wellbeing and travel, Antimo has been able to create an interesting value proposition and brand under his company VoomaGo, founded in 2013.

He is also involved with the programming of the professional development conference Step Up Zone at Purdue University.

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