Andrea Lauren Hunt

Transformational Life Coach & EFT Tapping Practitioner

Areas of Expertise

Emotional Health • Overwhelm • Transition Coaching • Re-building your expat life abroad after a breakup or job loss • Challenges with being a traveling spouse • Establishing yourself abroad

About Me

"You're always one step decision from a totally different life." - Mark Batterson.

Have you been feeling stuck in life? Unfulfilled? Struggling with confidence? Self-sabotaging? Allowing the past to control you? I help expats gain self-awareness and clarity, find their blind spots, and create empowering goals to change your life for the better. 

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Sessions starting at USD 99

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Lives in: Germany
Nationality: USA
Countries/Regions of Expertise: China, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Germany
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Service Offerings

Are you tired of settling for the status quo?

My coaching sessions:

- Help you uncover your vision and talents and guide you through achieving your goals.

- Help you get clear on the WHY behind your goals. Do your wants align with your values in life or are you measuring against someone else's standards?

- Help you gain self-awareness - we don't know what we don't know. And with self-awareness, some of us are on autopilot, just reacting to things without thinking of how we could better handle situations with our colleagues, families, partners instead of impulsively reacting.

- Help you understand your emotional needs and limiting beliefs that keep you stopping yourself and in your own damn way.

- Help you create plans and be accountable for the steps you take and goals you set for yourself.

- Help you uncover your success blocks, or better understand where your standards or boundaries don't align with what you're allowing in your life.

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1-on-1 Session

Have you been feeling stuck in life? Are you unfulfilled with how things are? Are you struggling with confidence issues? Self-sabotaging? Allowing a past situation to control you? My coaching sessions will help you make changes you need in both business and in life.

USD 99/session

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

In this session I will help you to clear your limiting beliefs, develop feelings of gratitude, manage stress & anxiety, feel ‘unstuck’, remove uncertainty, improve feelings of 'not being enough' or 'unworthy', address fears around situations you’re facing every day, and remove the emotional charge of old negative memories that are no longer serving you.

USD 129/session

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What You'll Get

1-on-1 Coaching

Personalized Plan

Advice and strategies

What Other Clients Are Saying

Thank you so much for EFT session you did with me. I can’t believe one session was so powerful. You were so good and getting me to really hone in on what I actually wanted and fantastic at picking out the exact language that would feel true and get through to me!
E. Bishop, UK
Andrea has been such a professional, friendly and personable person to speak to every week. Andrea has supported and guided me every step of the way; supporting me through the pandemic and a redundancy. Andrea has been there to listen but also to ask those difficult questions to help me evaluate my goals, values and focus my energy on those areas I want to change.
E. O'Connor
...I decided to devote this year and take care of me in all areas, but I did not know how to do it by myself. In 6 sessions we were able to go deep into the roots of the problems and BAM! I feel like a new different person. I am more confident. Before I had too many ideas in theory but really never used it. Thanks to you for all the patience and dedication. You are doing such an outstanding job!
D. Guibá

Meet the Expert

I'm an empathetic and motivating life coach & EFT practitioner ready to help you change your mindset and remove limiting blocks that keep you stuck - get out of your own damn way! American expat living in Germany but practicing EFT and Transformational Life Coaching sessions online helping international expats and travelers all over the world.

Personal growth has always been important to me as I have overcome many struggles, whether familiar, with my personal relationships, professional, or challenging many old patterns and beliefs.

I’m American and lived most of my life in the US in Minnesota and Georgia. Over the years, I have worked or studied abroad in Mexico, Argentina, Italy, the UK, China, and Germany and been a full-time expat since 2006. Over the last two decades, I have traveled all over, studied 4 other languages, met new people and recreated my life in different countries. I love travel, people, and new cultures and languages, not to mention all the new food. I understand the challenges that expats face relocating, living and working abroad, finding social circles and nurturing relationships, as well as the personal struggles that can accompany this brave journey to move abroad.

My professional background is in International Communications and the last 9 years I have lived in Munich following a big move from Beijing, China. Over the years, I have worked in international radio, online media, and marketing. I love helping people, so it only made sense that I would find purpose in life coaching.

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