Over the course of the last two years our lives have been in constant upheaval and uncertainty has become a normal part of life.  Our bodies and minds were not meant to hold this kind of prolonged stress much less adjust to it as a "normal".
From the unknowns of what's next, to the constant back and forth of lockdowns and travel restrictions, we have had one stressor after the other added to our expat lives.  While many of us have willingly chosen this life abroad, these circumstances keeping us separated from our family and friends and "home" is a challenge that can begin to affect us in ways we do not realize.
As expats ourselves all of us have been similarly affected by this pandemic on emotional, mental, and physical levels.
While we cannot change the circumstances we can help provide solutions to help manage them.  Andrea Hunt is a Trova Expert focused on Transformational life coaching and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).
While doing inner work and emotional management doesn't solve all of these problems, personal growth along with energy psychology tools like EFT tapping can help to manage stress and overwhelm, limiting beliefs, and help us reframe issues to move forward in a healthier way.
Join us in December for ONE or ALL of our exclusive group coaching and EFT tapping sessions designed for expats by an expat.
Space is limited - BOOK NOW!

Space is limited - BOOK NOW!

Dec 9: Covid, Uncertainty, and Surrender - 7:30 pm CET
Have the recent round of COVID lockdowns left you on edge and uncertain about what it means for you, your family and your future?
Join us for this coaching and EFT tapping session around Covid, Uncertainty, and Surrender.

This 1 hour session will include:

  • Group discussion around feelings regarding the newest round of lockdowns and variants and how they are affect us
  • A few rounds of EFT tapping to help release some of those feelings of anxiety and fear surrounding the uncertainty of those situations and to reframe our mindset to look inward to what we can control.
You’ll leave this session with more peace of mind and with the ability to embrace feelings of surrender and calm in the midst of these crazy circumstances.
Sign me up | Dec 9 | $29 per person
Dec 16: Stress & Overwhelm of the Expat life - 7:30 pm CET
Have you been feeling stressed and overwhelmed lately at the end of the year about your life, job, family, or general situation in life?
Join us for this coaching and EFT tapping session around Stress & Overwhelm of the Expat life.

This 1 hour session will include:

  • A look into how we are feeling and the root causes of stress and overwhelm.
  • A few rounds of EFT tapping to address the stress and overwhelm, confronting the feelings and emotions, and focus on reframing and letting go to get back to a grounded place.
You’ll leave this session with some ideas and tools of how to control your emotions in stressful situations in the future so you have resources to turn to when it all feels like it's too much! 
Sign me up | Dec 16 | $29 USD Per Person
Dec 23: Isolation & Loneliness while living abroad during  the holidays - 7:30 pm CET
Are you feeling sad around the holidays because you're away from family and maybe your holiday traditions that you hold dear?
The holidays, especially the last few years with lockdown, have been incredibly hard on people who live so far from family, especially since many of us don't know when we'll be able to see family again due to current travel restrictions.
Join us for this coaching and EFT session around  Isolation & Loneliness while living abroad during  the holidays.

This 1 hour session will include:

  • A group discussion that allows us to support each other by discussing our feelings to release some of the sadness and feelings of isolation.
  • A few rounds of EFT tapping to help us shift our mindset into a calmer place.
You’ll leave this session with some ideas and tools of how to help mange your isolation and loneliness over the coming holidays and with the knowledge you are not alone.
Sign me up | Dec 23 | $29 USD Per Person
Book a package of all 3 sessions and save 10%! - $79
Book Package of All Three | $79 USD PER PERSON
Here is what people are saying:
"This is what I love about working with Andrea Hunt on EFT. She is an exceptional listener and she is able to keep our focus on the topic at hand. I am impressed at the way she is able to create succinct language around the issue we were working on. She also has a wonderful sense of humor and you may find yourself feeling more light-hearted right away. Andrea has learned the technique well. After my sessions with her, I found that the work we did alleviated the barriers and blockages I had around the issues we addressed. I highly recommend her as an EFT practitioner and coach."
Ariela E., United States
Andrea Hunt Transformational Life Coach & EFT Practitioner
Meet Your Coach

Andrea Hunt

Expat & Life Coach

Andrea Hunt is a certified transformational life coach & EFT Level 2 practitioner who helps people through their personal growth journey to get what they want out of life.  A solo traveler for 25 years and an expat for the past 15 she knows first hand the struggles that expats face.  Her coaching and practices are focused on: Expat challenges, Limiting beliefs, Emotional health, and Life changes

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